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    “High-energy sales professional who is completely customer oriented and is always looking for different ways to add value for his customers and his organization. Boye has a strong telecom solutions knowledge, he is a committed individual and an excellent motivator and relationship builder. A winner for any company who wants to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment.”

    January 23, 2006

    Hervé Soursou

    Director of Business Development , MACH

    “If you want a networker I believe that Boye is the one! He is mine definition for a networker. To earn money on plain networking is hard but Boye does it and he also creating a lot of value for his partners. He is a person that everyone likes and he always full with ideas! Bring him in and you will get a new view and see new possibilities. It´s a pleasure to have Boye around!”

    March 8, 2008

    Richard Murbeck

    Executive Chairman & Founder , Seavus Group

    “We worked with Boye and his company on the introduction of products in the U.K market. Boye proved himself as a valuable and highly inspiring partner. We were impressed by his entrepreneurial drive and his insights into the technology and telecom’s area are second to none. He is also a great guy and always brightens a meeting. We look forward to working with him and his company in the future.”

    December 12, 2005

    Kenneth Siber

    Step Back Technology ApS

    “Working for Mr. Hartmann has always been a pleasure. He is a creative thinker, always on the forefront of the Telco development, with a good vision for turning technology into customer needs. He has a huge personal networks which enables both him and his employees access to important knowledge and partnerships. Best Regards Alexander M. Littau Project manager, TDC A/S”

    February 23, 2006

    Alexander M. Littau

    Business Intelligence Director, TDC Internet Polska S.A

    “In Boye’s time test at DiverseyLever Poland he brought a fresh impact to the sales and marketing operation although DL Poland were growing business year on year by double digits( the main reason was the growth of business in Poland in general). What Boye helped to establish was a sales organization that still today makes DDG growth but more importantly sustains it in a tough marketplace.”

    February 23, 2006

    Kevin Shipley

    Sales Director Lodging business

  • Business Angel

    An entrepreneur is an ambitious leader excelling at combining the synergies necessary to create and market new ideas and concepts. The essential qualities of an entrepreneur are leadership, management ability and team-building spirit. The personality of an entrepreneur expresses an intense desire to achieve, as well as the skills to achieve success by balancing optimism with a realistic mindset.

    Operations management focuses on carefully managing the processes to produce and distribute products and services. A great deal of the focus of an Operations Manager is on efficiency and effectiveness of processes. Operations management is a core functional area within all organizations, critical to performance outcomes and competitiveness.

    Business networking is a marketing method by which business opportunities are created through networks of like-minded business people. It is the process of establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with other business people and potential clients and/or customers. A Networker is nurturing relationships with people from his/her network, who can provide mutual assistance and helpful information.

    From team building activities and workshops to the power of positive experience and motivation, a regular and rigorous sales training makes a big difference in improving the performance of the enterprise sales force. Among all members of a business organization, the sales team needs to be the most updated in terms of knowledge and skills in executing their duties. After all, business is about selling…

    The scope of Sales and Marketing management is quite broad and covers any activity or resource the firm uses to acquire customers and manage the company’s relationships with them. Additionally, it can encompass both the development of new products and services and their delivery to customers.

    New Business Development concerns all the activities involved in realizing new business opportunities, including product or service design, business model design, and marketing. An idea central to new business development is that different product-market- technology combinations can require different marketing strategies and business models to make them a success.

  • Projects

    • www.ovalparc.com

    • www.zlinkit.com

    • Founder, Board Member

      Zielgut is a 2.0 Marketing Agency founded in late autumn 2007 with a few people, bringing together their online marketing experience, multi-cultural perspectives and enthusiasm for new trends.

      We have today expanded and set our Danish playground in the heart of the creative Copenhagen, in the Schiller Facility House. But we also keep one foot in Berlin and our souls in France.


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    • Board member

      Successful recruitment is the foundation of business development.  That is why we will help you recruit people, specialists and leaders in sales, marketing, customer service and IT, who can help you achieve 
higher profits and develop your company’s customer relations. The Holding Company of  Re:tention AB and Resources On Internet AB and Rentention A/S


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    • Founder, Board Member

      Comoto is a CV management tool and database for candidates and recruiters, giving both sides one web-site for finding and filling positions. Several thousand professionals are already members of Comoto, and the number increases daily. Comoto is a one stop CV application, the central place where you can create, manage and distribute your CV.


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    • CEO,  President – Founder

      About TrueTech ApS (previously Step Back Technology ApS) TrueTech Technology is a Danish innovation house founded in 2002 by IT and telecom professionals who together have 35 years of international experience. Step Back specializes in providing user friendly access and communication solutions based on proven technology and unique ideas.


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    • Owner

      Sales Management consulting
 Sales and Customer Service improvement 
Change Management implementation
Business strategy
      Performance Management for Sales organizations
Head Hunting projects.


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    • Other Experience

      2009 – The DABGO Network , Group Manager Belgium

      2009 – United-Creatives ApS, Board member

      2009 – Easy Flow A/S , Board member

      2008 – Campfire A/S, VP New Business Development

      2008 – Norventum Capital A/S, Advisor

      2007 – Schiller ApS,   Board member

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